Custom Made Fantasy Footwear and Accessories

Here at Chaos Costumes we treat each customer with dignity, kindness and respect, I mean we are all human, trying to escape our boring human form, so, welcome friend!

We take great pride in our work, and we are grateful to share it with the world!

I am blown away 😍 I'm Soo happy to own a pair. The wait was well worth it. If you are debating with yourself on getting these, do it! Make sure you have your sizing right when do buy, check twice 😅 Surprisingly comfortable and easy to learn how to walk in! they have a Beautiful silhouette, and the details are amazing!!! Looks great from the side view and face on too! ❤️ ~Dawn Comet 

I’ve been looking to get these hooves for SO long and I’m so happy that I finally did!! They’re absolutely worth the money and very high quality. they fit perfectly and the shipping was very fast as well<3 I 100% recommend to anyone looking to get these :) ~River

Just got them today. Wish I could rate them higher than 5/5. Seller was great and promptly responded to any questions, Hooves are beautifully made and very stable, even for me who never wears heels. Shipping didn't take long at all. Well worth the wait and price for a beautifully crafted item. ~Bahyak