3D Printed Wares Ship Monday-Thursday. Footwear and Fur ship in 1-3 weeks.Please contact us if you are needing items by a certain date. A rush fee may apply.

About Us

Blair Ondrla is the creative force behind Chaos Costumes.

She started creating ever since she was capable of walking, starting out with Beanie Baby costumes out of duct tape and can lid armor, to hand sewing her own costumes as a young girl, costumes have been an important aspect of her life as far as she can remember. As she grew up she took to the cosplay community where she finally felt at home. Occasionally competing and building a portfolio of award winning costumes.

When Blair first opened up her Etsy she had quite a variety of products from wooden digitigrade stilts, to leather armor and accessories, to jewelry. At one point a German cosplayer commissioned her for the first ever hooves and fur pants; little did she know this would be a turning point in her life, setting the stage for a new life path.

More and more orders started to trickle in, and over the years hooves pushed out the armor, the jewelry and finally the stilts. With a lot of luck, skill and help from a revolving door of helpful people, she sustained a business out of hooves of all things.

Fast forward to today, where a she employs a small team of people to help keep the dream alive. Now, branching out into digital sculpture and 3D printing, bringing a world of joy, fantasy and imagination to even more people. We are so grateful for your support and generosity. It helps the lives of our team and their families, propagating the dream even bigger than anyone could have imagined!